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Internship Domingo

By: Domingo

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June 24, 2020. An amazing experience at the host company, I can say. The colleagues and the company as a whole were fun and it was a relaxing work environment. My activities throughout the internship in the different departments in marketing, photography, design and product testing made it an experience to never forget. It helped me grow more as a professional in the creative media technologies field. The company felt as a family, because there were also extra-curricular activities that everyone could take part in, like game nights, going out for drinks with colleagues, parties, attending workshops like pottery painting etc. Overall, I can say that for the next interns, try to snatch up this place if you have the opportunity!

I think overall the service was amazing. The follow-up emails to ask about how I was doing and how everything was going were plenty. I think personally that Euro-Stage should keep up the good work and deliver more awesome experiences to interns in the future!