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Marketing and Sales internship

By: Thomas O

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I’m a Commercial Economics student, and I was looking for an abroad internship in marketing and sales. Stage-Euro found an amazing internship for me at a great company in London! Unlike providing me with a random internship, Stage-Euro put effort into finding that perfect fit.
Communication between parties was well organised and transparent; I knew what was expected of me. Do’s and don'ts, and training for a good Skype conversation were particularly useful. At my internship I have social media related tasks, combined with handling enquiries that come in. Besides this I got a marketing assignment from the director, in conclusion; all I could hope for

Without Stage-euro, finding an internship like this would have been a great challenge. My Stage-Euro contact
person was a true help in the process. She listened to my requirements, and knew how to deal with them. Overall
Stage-Euro was a joy to work with!