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Community Management - Amsterdam



Merkspace is an international brand of shared offices that provide an all-inclusive workspace as well as private offices for any team size. Supporting startups and mature businesses alike, they provide clients with an exceptional environment and great possibilities to network with other companies. Furthermore, events such as tailored workshops and lectures by top-leading mentors are being offered regularly, in order to create a vibrant community that encourages growth for all involved parties.


Community Management & Events

  • In case there is an operational issue at the building or with the facilities, communicate with market support to ensure the highest level of member satisfaction as soon as possible
  • Develop community initiatives designed to create connections between members, including member introductions, overseeing events, electronic and print communications, and building walkthroughs
  • Solve member-related issues to ensure a cohesive community and manage member expectations
  • Meet with members to resolve issues, process member terminations and other issues of complexity
  • Oversee events to ensure there is a good balance of educational, member appreciation, and lead generating and sales-related events and to review for adequate procedural safeguards for the protection of members and company assets
  • Proactively gather data on members’ business objectives and identify both Merkspace and member services that could help members achieve their objectives
  • Seek opportunities to engage members to discover and discuss members’ objectives, i.e. using member service request as an opportunity to learn more about members, member’s business and any other needs member may have
  • Identify opportunities and act on them to connect members
  • Design and implement rules, guidelines and best practices for the community to optimize member experience
  • Recommend best practices, including but not limited to: community management, sales, events, training, and member experience on a company-wide level
  • Exercise discretion in guiding prospective members, including possibly gatekeeping where business may not be in the interests of the greater community
  • Resolve member complaints regarding other members through neutral fact investigation and process termination of membership when warranted
  • Explain Merkspace policies and procedures to members, including but not limited to membership agreement and billing procedures

Business Development

  • Take responsibility for sales and community dynamics
  • Conduct tours to work towards and maintain 100% building occupancy when Community Leads are unavailable.

Leads & Sales

  • 50% Inbound lead management
  • 30% Lead generation and prospecting (i.e., cold calling, social media, networking, events, etc.)
  • 20% Existing sales pipeline management
  • Cultivating and maintaining small, midsize and large business relationships
  • Utilizing innovative and creative sales tactics
  • Touring and demonstrating Merkspace locations and business solutions with potential members
  • Engage in the larger community of the market by attending events and networking with local start-ups and organizations
  • Manage and maintain relationships with vendors and landlords

Building Management

  • Make recommendations to CEO on any repairs, maintenance, or updates required in your building
  • Produce comprehensive quality control reports that allow all stakeholders to improve member experience
  • Review all base building documents to ensure the data is updated and accurate
  • Supervise move-ins and move-outs for a quality experience
  • Review daily reports and work with the team to finalize weekly and monthly reports that outline community and sales progress