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Visa UK

Internship Visa for the UK

We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to apply for the necessary UK internship visa through Stage-Euro. Since Brexit in 2020, it became increasingly more difficult to do an internship in the United Kingdom – for example, it is no longer possible to travel to the UK and participate in an internship program without having the correct UK Exchange Visa.

The UK Exchange Visa requires both a sponsor and a thoroughly completed application. The company you are interning for in the UK also must meet certain requirements such as a fixed workplace location, sufficient supervision, and a training plan catered to your program. Stage-Euro can do this entire process for you! On average, the application for the Exchange Visa takes 4-8 weeks and is dependent on how quickly you and the company can provide the necessary information for the application.

Have you found an interesting internship in the UK on your own? Fill in the registration form and schedule a no-obligation free intake interview. During this intake, we will go through the details of your internship and the company – we can usually let you know immediately whether or not the visa application is feasible.

Who is eligible for the UK Exchange Visa?

  • You are registered for a full-time study program OR the start of your internship is within 24 months after graduating
  • You have completed at least 1 semester of your education
  • You have sufficient financial resources
  • You have appropriate health care and/or accident insurance (Stage-Euro provides you with the requirements of this insurance)
  • The maximum possible duration of the visa is 6 months
  • You must be 18 years or older