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Meet Anna in New York


"One of the most exciting aspects for me was the opportunity to receive hands-on experience while connecting internationally and building new relationships" Meet Anna who decided to go abroad because she was confident that having an international experience would have a life-changing benefit for her future development." Read the full interview here. Read more >

Meet Michaela California


Meet Michaela, after visiting NYC last summer she got very excited about the idea of living in the USA anad discovering American culture and different places that she could see only in the movies. Read the full interview here:   Read more >

Meet Ricardo in Chicago


Meet Ricadro who went to Chicago to do an Internship in accountancy, he wanted to expanded his worldview  and  increase his overall resilience, giving him an opportunity to reflect and discover himself. But most importantly build a brighter future for himself. Read the full interview here:   Read more >

Meet Amarifer in Nashville


"This experience has taught me how to become a strong independent woman and believe in myself. Challenges and hardships do exist to make us better, stronger and strive for more."Meet Amarifer, an accounting trainee, who decided to join a training program in the US. Amarifer shared with us some details about her unique experience in the US, read on and get inspired: Read more >

Meet Fabiën in New York


"They sometimes say that in New York its highs are high and its lows are low. I can confirm that this is true."Meet Fabiën Vlems, an event management intern, who decided to spend 12 months in the city that never sleeps.Find out more about Fabiën's experience so far in New York and get inspired: Read more >

Meet Twan in Boston!


Meet Twan Craft, a candidate who is currently doing his 5-month program in the USA. Twan already had a company, we helped him to get his J-1 visa. "Being abroad and away from everything and everyone that you know will give you another view on the things that are really important." Read the full interview here: Read more >

Meet Ron in Sanford!


Meet Ron Veldhuis, a candidate who is currently doing his 5-month program in the USA. Ron already had a company, we helped him to get his J-1 visa. Ron shared with us his experience in the US, read the full interview here:   Read more >

Meet Jeffery in New York


Meet Jeffery Dion, a business administration/marketing intern, who decided to get involved for 6 months in the land of opportunity. "(...) I was impressed by the liberty that one has not only to stand up for what they believe in but also to go after it." Find out more about Jeffery's experience in New York by continuing to read the full interview. Read more >

Meet Raquel in Amsterdam!


"Being abroad is definitely a rewarding experience, a journey measured in friends, personal growth, and opening of horizons. Because interns get paid, in experience!"Meet Raquel, a Stage-Global trainee who shared some highlights of her experience in Amsterdam and her gains while supporting other interns/trainees during their experience abroad. Read more >

Meet Sem in Miami!


Meet Sem Kieboom, a business student who decided to go abroad to gain experience in his field of expertise, but also to develop his personal growth. "...mainly due to being in lockdown for over 2 years, I decided to get more out of life, start exploring new cultures, boost my career & gain more experiences." We asked Sem a few questions about his experience in Miami. Find out more about Sem's day-to-day life in the "Magic City". Read more >

Meet Margot in Amsterdam!


Margot flew to Amsterdam for a 6-months internship. We got to ask her a couple of questions on her experiences, including the arrival to a new city in times of COVID-19. Read the complete interview here: Read more >

Meet Egita in Lisbon!


"My internship here is great! I get the chance to work among different departments, such as, sales and marketing which always keeps me occupied and interested. I am constantly learning new aspects regarding the world of work and it makes me proud that I can share my personal skills with the team. Also, the people here are very friendly and supportive which makes our staff BBQ’s extremely fun." Read more >

Meet Laura in London!


We asked Laura to share some of the experiences she made in London. Read more >

Meet Claire in Michigan!


"I think you learn so much, especially about yourself. You feel emotions you never expect to feel, because when are you really ever completely by yourself for an extended period of time?" Read more >

Meet Wout in Pennsylvania!


"I'm having a great time at the internship so far. I have been well received and have seen a good view of the company during the first few weeks. I am also well supported and I can always turn to my supervisors for questions. I have received assignments from school that I have to carry out here and I get projects from the company that I will be able to carry out during my internship"Wout found a company in Pennsylvania and is doing a short term internship, read his experiences here: Read more >

Meet Megan in New York!


4 years ago I came to New York for the very first time. I fell in love with the city immediately. The people, the noise, the constant chaos and people rushing around. I loved it, all of it. That’s why I said to myself; no matter what happens next, I need to live in New York for a little while. And so I did. Read more >

Meet Arthur in New York!


“My dream is to travel and create digital content. A few days ago I realized I am already doing that right now.” - Arthur has just finished his 4 month internship in New York, he arranged his J-1 visa through Stage-USA. Read more >

Meet Valeria in New York!


“I love the company I’m working for. Everyone is super friendly and I’m learning new skills. Since it is not a big company/corporation, I get the chance to do a bit of everything and I am not stuck with the same responsibilities or tasks every day, so it never gets boring.” – Valeria is doing a 9 month internship in the big apple. Read more >

Meet Fleur in New York!


“To be honest, I don’t think it could have gone any better. My internship company was so nice and everybody that worked there.” - Fleur arranged her internship in the US with Stage-USA. Read more >

Meet Henk-Jan in New York!


“The part I enjoy most about being here is discovering new stuff every day. I think that's the main reason internships abroad are exciting." - He arranged his J-1 visa through Stage-USA. We asked Henk-Jan some questions about his time in the USA.  Read more >

Meet Lode in Chicago!


Chicago Chicago, Lode is doing his internship in, guess what…….. Chicago! We asked him some questions about his experience in the USA and his mechanical engineering internship. Read more >

Meet Lieke in Wisconsin!


Looking for an internship and you like cheese?Lieke is doing a 5 month internship in Marketing & Communications at a cheese company in Wisconsin. We asked her some questions about this amazing opportunity in the USA. Read more >

Meet Max in New York!


Max has finished his studies in architecture and left to the USA together with his girlfriend. We asked him some questions about his experience abroad. Read more >

Meet Marc in New York!


In the Netherlands Marc is studying Tourism Management, which gave him the chance to go abroad. And that is why he is doing a 10 month internship at the moment. Read more about what it is like to be an intern at a tourism organization in New York! Read more >

Meet Anita in New York!


Anita a 23-year-old girl from Germany is doing her internship in Marketing and Communications in New York City. We asked her to share some of her experiences in the US. Read more >

Meet Miriam in New York!


“It has always been my dream to live in New York City. It’s just the best city in the world.” - Miriam is 19 years old, from Amsterdam and almost a year abroad now, she arranged her internship with Stage-USA and shares now some of her experiences with other students. Read more >

Meet Janine in New York!


If you could express your internship experience in three words, what would these be? -  “Fun, educational, unforgettable” We asked Janine some questions about her Media Management & Marketing internship at a travel company in New York City! Read more >

Meet Alessandra in New York!


“There is a latin motto I really like which says: “Audentes fortuna iuvat” meaning: ”Fortune favors the brave”… be brave!” - After obtaining her Master’s degree in communications and working full-time for a year, Alessandra was ready for a new challenge in her life. She decided to work on her international experience and found Stage-USA to help her with this. We asked Alessandra some questions about her traineeship at an architecture company. Read more >

Meet Nikki in Michigan!


Nikki has found her own internship and arranged her J-1 visa application through Stage-USA. She will finish her master’s in Healthcare Management when she comes back from her 5 month internship in Michigan. Read more about her experiences in the interview below!   Read more >

Meet Aili in Washington DC!


“Be a sponge; absorb as much as you can.” - Aili arranged her J-1 Visa with Stage-USA and she shared some of her experiences with future students abroad in the US. Read more >

Meet Joost in San Francisco!


Meet Joost, a hospitality trainee in San Francisco. Joost is gaining valuable life experiences in the field of Hospitality and Culinary art.   He applied for his J-1 trainee visa with Stage-USA, which he obtained in a quick an easy manner.  Joost is taking part in a 12-month program, giving him the opportunity to gain exceptional experience in his field of study, while gaining a tremendous cultural experience. Check out the pictures Joost recently shared about his experience in the US. Also interested in participating as an intern or trainee in the US?  Click here to apply for a free intake and find out what your options are! Read more >