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The Process

Step-by-Step Plan

  1. Registration: You can register online by filling in our online registration form.
  2. First contact: One of our employees will contact you within one working day to schedule an intake interview. This conversation takes place via Zoom.
  3. Intake: During the intake interview, we will discuss your program in the UK and what is required for the Exchange Visa. This conversation is without obligation and free of charge.
  4. Visa Agreement & Payment: If everything is aligned and you want to start the visa process, you will sign the visa agreement and pay the visa application costs of €850.
  5. Collecting the documents: When the payment has been made, then we get to work! We will send you an email requesting all the documents we need from you in order to apply for your Exchange Visa. We will contact your company to request any information we need from them. In addition, we’ll draw up a training plan together with your company.
  6. Submit Application: When we have collected all necessary documents, we will submit your application to our partner in the UK. Upon application, you will pay £605 towards the cost of your sponsorship.
  7. Visa Application: When your sponsorship has been approved, your visa can finally be applied for. You will pay £259 directly to the UK government. On average, it takes approximately 3 weeks for the UK government to approve the visa, after which you can travel to the UK.
  8. Enjoy your time abroad!